PrepMajor: The education platform helping Students, Instructors and Enterprises thrive.

At PrepMajor we aim to provide the best IT consulting and premium software products to our clients to enable them focus on their core service offerings, sharpen their customer focus and align their services more closely to their user requirements and industry expectations. We do this by providing IT solutions customisable to meet the demands of a diverse group of users and markets such as retail, finance, and education.

Assisting our clients deliver premium learning experiences that are accessible, affordable, and enjoyable is key to what makes us a leader in our field.

One of our most thriving solutions is the cloud-based, Multi-talent Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows individuals, Enterprises, and Instructors to build, run, deliver, manage courses and collaborate online using our dedicated e-learning portal (e-learning environment).

Our e-learning platforms are cloud based, with attractive user interfaces, easy to use and highly customisable offering amazing course creation services.


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